Why is Zoom so Popular among the Students?

Zoom's popularity among the students

Have you ever wondered why Zoom is so popular among students, especially in the COVID-19 period? There are many reasons for it, among them we are going to mention the top reasons in this article.

“I feel like Zoom is not a part of Zoom anymore. Zoom belongs to the world now.”

Eric Yuan, CEO and Founder of Zoom Video Communications

In the global pandemic, videoconferencing is the new and standard way to connect face-to-face with others virtually. Zoom is the most compatible and convenient app for videoconferencing. Zoom app is a cloud-based video communication app that is accessible to nearly everyone using Mac, Windows, Linux, Ios, and Android. It has several features such as video and audio conferencing, screen-sharing, live chats, and other collaborative settings.

In online learning, zoom has become the most popular app among students for its high speed, better clarity, and power. You can schedule online lectures at any time using zoom. Zoom has breakout rooms for discussions on different and small topics. You also can record lectures and meetings for future reference. Presenting a screen and using a whiteboard is what makes learning in zoom easier and engaging. Meeting transcripts can be created and edited using this app. Zoom also provides you to reach out to help from the hosting server in case of any issue.

What made Zoom so popular among students as well as all over the world? Today, we will discuss this topic through this article so stay with us and enjoy this discussion.

6 reasons why Zoom is so popular among Students

Runs on any device and anywhere

During a pandemic with fewer resources, there can be certain difficulties in learning for students. One such difficulty is to run any learning app on the device. Many students use different devices for learning such as Android, Mac, Linux, etc. Zoom is the most convenient app in this situation as it runs on almost every device. For example, if you are not able to join the online class from your PC or laptop then you can use the same link to join the class on mobile or tablet. This method of switching devices and reconnecting on other devices is as simple as checking any notification on your device.

To do this all you need is a good internet connection on a particular device and an invitation link from your teachers. Another advantage of zoom is that it can be accessed from any place. If you are traveling or outside your home and wish to attend your lectures then you have zoom as a solution to this problem. you can join your respective classes from anywhere by using the invitation link.

Various meeting options

The hosting services of zoom have done a fantastic job in bringing various features for meetings. One of the best features of an online meeting is the ability to share one’s screen whether it is a desktop screen or mobile screen. This feature allows the teacher or the student to show presentations or any educational video during the online class. Anyone present in the class can expand the presenter’s screen. This makes the learning interesting just within two clicks. If anyone wants to write and explain without presenting then zoom has an additional option of a whiteboard. To demonstrate and explain along with teaching to make points clear, one can use this option.

This allows lets the students to take screenshots and save images of anything that is written on the whiteboard for future reference. Another amazing feature of zoom is that it allows users to record their meetings. If you are a great user and want to save your entire meetings on your device then you can have this opportunity with zoom. These recorded meetings can be saved and act as a reference for students whenever they want to revise that topic in the future. If the teacher wants to upload his lessons on YouTube then they can record and turn that meeting into a video.

Zoom’s built-in chat

There can’t be any learning without proper communication between teacher and student. Built-in chat is one of the great features in zoom for students to communicate and put up their questions to the respective teacher. Chat makes it much easier for teachers to communicate with all students at the same time or with a specific student. Announcements or important updates can be made using this feature. To communicate with any particular student, the chat can be used as a messenger application for students who require more attention to get a better understanding of the subject. One to one interaction with student results in better academic performance.

If any student is not confident in asking any question or doubt in person then, they can pose their question in the chat. This will let the teacher know the problem of the individual student thus making it easy for them to answer and provide relative resources. A built-in chat option is also available in video meetings to let students participate in a meeting without a microphone. This enables the students to get the environment of the actual classroom with proper interaction with the teacher. This makes learning more engaging and interesting.

Great quality

There are various reasons why zoom is popular in the education world. Another big reason for zoom to be popular among students is its high stability and great quality of video calls. Several apps in the market face the problem of distorted audio and broken video calls. But with zoon, there is no such issue. The communication services of zoom deliver the best results out of every other video calling app. Zoom developers have done a great job in maintaining the quality of the app that has made it so popular.

For students, it is important to get clarity in their concepts of the subject. To bring clarity in the subject by the teacher takes time. If the time spent repeating what one said takes time away from teaching something new. Repetition of the same words only makes the class boring and less engaging. For this reason, many apps are out of the race. On the other hand, zoom has provided great quality and dependability for students. This fosters students to opt for zoom for their regular classes at the school. Better audio and video simultaneously leads to understanding the concept quickly in online teaching. This also lets the students see their classmates and teachers during learning.

Enjoyable learning

There is great comfort for students as well as teachers in learning and teaching through zoom. Zoom helps to keep the students focused in the class. Teachers can show other videos using the screen share option to make students interested in class. Learning and teaching from the comfort zone are possible through this learning app. With the free version of this app, the teacher can interact with 100 students at the same time. This saves the time of the teacher that can be used in another productive work. The teacher can also use animated videos and improve the quality of teaching.

Any student grabs the topic more easily if he learns efficiently. This makes teaching more productive and effective. Zoom also saves money for students if they can understand their lessons in online classes. This saves them from spending thousands of money to buy any paid course for more lessons.

Zoom is free

The most admirable feature of this app is that it is free! Using any useful software for free is always a great benefit. With the free version of zoom, teachers can deliver 40 minutes lectures to 100 students at the same time without any disconnection. For continuing the lecture, teachers can host the meeting using the same link.

The best features of zoom are available with the free version. These features include screen sharing, whiteboard, recording meetings, built-in chat, etc. This is the bonus point of using zoom as a learning app.


Zoom has become the most popular web conferencing tool in online education during the global pandemic. Students can connect to their class over video and audio via this app. They also have lucrative options such as text chat, poll, and screen share. Recording voice-over presentations and sharing them with your class is the best ability provided by zoom. Using the zoom on a tablet allows you for advanced annotation such as using mathematical formulas to demonstrate the topic in a better way.

To use zoom without any interruption, make sure you have a good internet connection on the device. Sometimes, it is challenging to learn from online classes but with the proper way of using valuable resources you can sort minor problems.


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