Top 10 Educational Websites for students in India

Top 10 Educational Websites for students in India

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 10 free educational websites for students in India through which they can get good knowledge sitting in their own houses.

Many students even don’t know which website they should choose to learn. Due to lack of awareness, they miss out on this opportunity, and later they regret it. If you don’t want to regret it in the future, you must be familiar with these given websites.

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10 Best Educational Websites for students in India

National Digital Library of India

National Digital Library is one of the best free online education sites for which you don’t need to go anywhere. You can take advantage of its knowledge sitting at home. National Digital Library of India aka NDLI is an initiative under the government of India.

NDLI aims to provide students the data from multiple national and international libraries in one place. It provides data in the form of textbooks, articles, lectures, audiobooks, videos, imagery, and many types of learning media.

NDLI provides all types of data, either the data of your interest or your subject’s data. Either the data of exam-related or practical or learning curiosity. You will get data not only in English but also in many Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, etc.

You will find many research papers related to research here. And you will also get enough additional study material which can help you to get good marks and increase your knowledge.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive Homepage

As the archive means the records of things or the collection of old or historical things, the Internet Archive is the records of educational materials. You will find here enough material related to education, entertainment, and researches.

You will see many options like web, books, audio, video, images, software, etc after reaching its homepage. If you feel any inconvenience in finding out your topic, you can simply go to the search bar and write down your topic. You will get all available data related to your topic easily there.

You can search old movies, documentaries, art, music, etc. here, everything is available on this platform. If you are fond of reading, you can also find here the best novels, poetry, plays, biographies, etc. This content will help you by adding more value to your knowledge.


ePathshala Homepage

ePathshala is one of the best online learning sites for students. It is the joint initiative of the Ministry of human resource development and NCERT that hosts educational resources for students, parents, and teachers in Hindi, English, and Urdu languages.

ePathshala provides high-quality study materials by the digital medium to teachers, guardians, and students. In ePathshala, there are separate study materials for students and teachers. Also, there are more than 5000 high-level videos that have decent information.

You will get NCERT ebooks from 1st to 12th, supplementary material, audio, visuals, and periodicals here. You will find the ebook of your interest. And also you can download the pdf file of any particular book very easily.

e-PG Pathshala

e-PG-Pathshala Homepage

e-PG Pathshala is an initiative of the MHRD under its National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) being executed by the UGC. The content and its quality is the key component of the education system. It has high-quality, curriculum-based, interactive e-content for 70+ subjects.

It is Aladdin’s lamp for post-graduate students because they can find here study material of any subject very easily. Any subject either it is science, computer science, language, or humanities, you can get it in a pinch.

As you can see in the student corner at its homepage, there are many subject options consisting of a good amount of information. e-PG Pathshala is one of the best resources for higher education students. The students can enhance their knowledge up to the next level. Every post-graduate student should take advantage of this informative website.


Swayamprabha Homepage

The fifth resource Swayamprabha is not an online resource but it is a very important tool for students. It is a group of 34 DTH channels means 34 free channels by which you can take advantage of sitting in your own comfort. These channels are also available on airtel TV, TATA Sky, Dish TV operators.

At these channels, educational content is continuously telecasting 24  7 hours. The fresh contents of 4 hours are telecasted per day and repeated 5 times a day so that if any students miss those lectures, they could watch later at their convenience.

In these channels, the contents like 9th to 12th school level education modules, competitive modules for 11th and 12th students, curriculum-based courses, UG, PG level many subjects, arts, etc. are telecasted mainly.


Swayam Homepage

Swayam is one of the best online learning platforms in India that is a program initiated by the Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity, and quality. The objective of this effort is to take the best teaching-learning resources to all.

Whatever your field is, you will find any course of your interested area. For enrolling in any course, you will have to fill up basic information and after completing any particular course you can apply for the certificate. The certificate from Swayam adds significant value to your resume.


DIKSHA Homepage

The government wants to make the education system very simple so they have started to encourage them by the digital medium. For this, they initiated DIKSHA ie. Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing is a national platform for school education

It was developed based on the core principles of open architecture, open access, open licensing diversity. At Diksha, you will get many programs like teacher and leadership training, lesson plans and teacher tools, explanation content, practice and homework, question banks, and exam preparation assessments and quizzes.

Apni Kaksha YouTube Channel

Apni Kaksha YouTube Channel Homepage

It is an individual YouTube channel that is owned by Aman Dhattarwal. On this platform, you will get a good knowledge of the subjects of the 11th and 12th classes. The notable thing about this channel is all the contents are uploaded in the form of an animation video that will help you a lot in understanding concepts.

Aman Dhattarwal is regularly expanding Apni Kaksha with high-quality educational content. You don’t need to spend a single penny to access this platform. Aman Dhattarwal told that his all study materials will be free and available for everyone.

He promised to students that he would upload the whole NCERT course from 6th to 12th in the form of an animation video till 2025. At present, his content is one of the best resources for 11th and 12th students.


Aglasem Homepage

Aglasem is the Indian Edtech company that provides study material and technical education solutions at your own comfort.

You can find out all NCERT books for classes 1st to 12th, you can get NCERT solutions for classes 4th to 12th for all subjects. You can also find out easily understandable notes compiled by teachers across the country.

Question papers, mock tests, videos, datasheets, board exam results, entrance exams and results, all government job exams, etc. everything you can get here freely.

Jagran Josh

Jagran Josh

Jagran Josh is one of the best educational websites for students in India. According to the Jagran Josh community, Jagran Josh is a one-stop destination for school and college-going students as well as job finders. Jagran Josh has its own app so that anyone gets information after a click of a button.

Except for high-quality educational content, you will find here the latest educational news, entrance admission-related news, trending topics in education, quizzes, career guidance, job alerts very easily that will help you to aware of the education field.


These are the best online resources for students that are very helpful for those who are not able to purchase the best books to score good marks and enhance their knowledge because of financial problems. For those students, these websites can be proved as an iron suit of iron man for students.

These top 10 educational websites for Indian students are very powerful but everyone doesn’t take advantage of these tools. We all know many students don’t even familiar with these resources if these tools are available to them, they will save their financial costs, will get good knowledge, and will make their future better.

I hope you have known these top 10 educational websites for students in India, so why are you still here, go for them. Make sure you check out all these websites so that you can take advantage of their high-quality content. If this article added any value to your life, share it on your social media platform so that you also can take advantage of it.

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