Importance of Mobile Phones in Education during Covid-19

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India is the second-biggest smartphone market in the world after China. Usage of smartphone technology in schools has skyrocketed during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The Internet has become a necessity for students for following their classes and tutorials. According to research director Navkendar Singh (a Research Director with IDC India, based in Gurgaon), the smartphone market has elevated in the last two to three years.

Learning through mobile phones has massively become a part of educational life that has been accepted seeing its various benefits. Mobile phones have become an important device for education as it is more convenient to access by learners. The mobile phone is a very important tool for online education. Although there are some advantages and disadvantages of online education, it is the best and safest option to get an education in Covid-19.

The majority section of learners is dependent on mobile phones for learning. Here’s how the importance of mobile phones in education during the Covid-19 period has brought a constructive change in the way of learning.

Importance of Mobile Phones in Education during the Covid-19

Quality Content can be accessed through mobile phones

Mobile learning has top-quality material that is more informative and interesting as compared to classroom learning. There are a lot of courses on the internet and you have to ensure the quality of the course before purchasing. This can be done by performing quality assurance testing of your course. Mobile courses are successful in involving the learners by including animation and graphics in their courses even at the cost of some expense.

There are different educators on different platforms that are focusing on the quality of content rather than only thinking about the syllabus. Various subjects are not a part of the regular curriculum in schools. Acquainting with those domains is possible only through online exploration and the easiest way to do this is through mobile learning.

Mobile learning is Expandable and Accessible

The best part of mobile learning is that you can access your lectures anywhere and anytime rather than the traditional method of education. You can have an in-classroom experience through your home by using mobile thus, surpassing the risks of covid. It allows learners to experience micromanagement in their day as they have ownership over the learning experience.

Mobile learning has built-in flexibility that expands knowledge-based learning. A mobile phone is the most convenient device to carry outside your home and you have full access to its users without any interruption. All you need is s good internet connection. You can gain knowledge through the best sources within less time, unlike offline education where you have to spend multiple hours. Lifelong learning is well nurtured through mobile learning.

Mobile phones promote Knowledge Delivery

In the critical situation of the pandemic, education is one of the most affected sectors. Being at your home, it’s impossible to have subject knowledge from a traditional education environment. Thanks to technology that has made it possible for learners to communicate and gain knowledge during the crisis. Mobile learning allows effective communication in a rapidly developing situation. You can even enhance your knowledge by accessing different free courses.

In traditional learning, you are bounded to study from one assigned tutor but in mobile learning, you have access to learn from any tutor across the world. Interaction during online lectures has given the students the leverage of experiencing the traditional learning environment. Mobile learning has maximized its communication area through technology to deliver you emails and messages.

Learning can be shifted to Mobile Phones

For decades there was a tradition of going to offline institutes as it was believed to be effective and interactive learning. But the pandemic has massively changed this belief and brought the whole education system online. Mobile Phones are the cheapest device that can be afforded by average people for learning. This is a great sign that in future the mobile learning will replace teachers and books.

High-quality information and learning experience from tutors across different corners of the world can be accessed through mobile which was not possible offline. Virtual learning has been adapted and proved that a massive shift to mobile learning is possible and valuable. During the incredibly challenging time of the pandemic, many learners can explore different sectors by staying at their homes. This not only is beneficial for learners but also reduces the spread of covid -19.

Mobile Learning has lowered the stakes

The traditional learning environment has made the stakes feel high. Mobile learning has allowed learners to learn, practice, and develop skills in a low stake environment. Mobile learning courses such as simulation training enable learners to learn skills virtually before applying them in real life. This helps learners to manage different tasks according to their comfort in an adaptable environment. By this students can work flexibly without any added external pressure.


Pandemic life has affected our lives in different ways and one of them is the way of learning. Mobile learning is becoming more efficient and effective with each passing day but what we have to ensure is the access of this technology to every student in different circumstances. Mobile learning is on the way to replace traditional learning by providing learners to self-direct their education. It has enabled the learners to develop their skills and get success.

During this global pandemic, increased telework is responsible for the increased use of mobile phones. This has helped the education system to function in the best possible way through mobile phones. However, excess usage has some adverse effects but can be curtailed through your self-awareness. Having mobile in your hand means excess to each kind of knowledge with you. From clearing doubts to exploring different subjects keeps you ahead of others in this competitive world.


In short, we can say that the importance of mobile phones in education during COVID-19 has been immense. Even it has become clear that from now a mobile phone will be a very important part of our education whether it is the form of taking aid from the internet or in the form of attending the institutes’ class from home.

I hope, this information must have added value to your life. If you have any other points on the “Importance of Mobile Phones in Education during Covid-19” in your mind, mention them in the comment section. It will be helpful for us as well as other readers.

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