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In this article, I’ll guide you on how to study for 15 hours a day and how you can increase your study hours. This article will be very informative and you will definitely get some benefits from it.

Examinations are going to take place, you do have not enough time to study. You want to study everything in your syllabus but you are not able to focus on studying due to stress and fear of failure.

Am I right?

There are two types of students, one is focused and the other is distracted. A focused is one who does not care about anything like what is happening in the outside world, what the people think about them, etc. Their mindset is very strong. They always know what they want to do. Whereas, the second one is distracted students. They are very much distracted by the outside world. Even a call from an unimportant person can make them distracted.

Are you facing this problem?

If yes, then don’t worry. I’m here to help you. I will teach you how to overcome distractions and how to focus on studying. If you will follow our tactics, you will definitely increase your study hours, enhance your focus on studying and reduce your distractions from anything.

Are you ready?

Okay, let’s start.

8 Tips on how to study for 15 hours a day

Do exercise and Meditation regularly

Our ancestors, mahatmas, and even the scientific phenomenon say that exercise is very important to grow our body, improve our health, and make us more productive. And meditations are very significant to grow us mentally. It increases our concentration power and helps us to focus on studying properly.

It is usually seen that every successful people do exercise and meditation daily. They also suggest people do exercises and they also promote meditation among the people. They always credit exercise and meditation for their success. That’s why everyone should do exercise and meditate regularly.

Plan the day

Just remember your schooling, when you were a school student. You used to go to your school at the time, you pray, lunch, play, etc. at a suitable time because of school’s management. At that time, we relied totally on the school’s teachers. After completing our homework, we used to become free. But now, we have to study a lot. We often have to do self-study so we need a solid schedule for study. Therefore, we need to plan our day.

Planning the day means the management of the time. It doesn’t mean to plan your month or to plan the years suddenly, it means to plan your day regularly. Every day should be planned by you. When you plan the day, you don’t waste your time. You try to utilize the whole day effectively. That’s why planning the day is very significant.

Increase time duration gradually

As you know, nothing is happened at once. Everything takes some time for happening. For example, you can’t drive any car at once. You will have to practice a lot to drive that car. Just like that, you can’t study for long hours at once, you will have to practice for that.

No one will be able to study for an hour if he didn’t try to study for a half-hour ever. No one will study for 3 to 5 hours if he didn’t try to study for 1 hour. If you want to study for long hours, you will have to start from few minutes to few hours. So, work hard, increase your study time gradually. You will be amazed after some time when you will feel that your study time has increased a lot.

If possible, study in the morning

Our Vedas says that studying in the early morning is more effective and productive than any other time of the whole day. In the morning time, our mind is fresh, its adaptation is very high, we are full of energy, our mind is more productive and the environment is very calm. These are the reasons why we should study in the morning.

But today, the majority of students like to study till late at night. They also perform well in classes, tests, and examinations so studying in the morning time is not necessarily for everyone. You can study when you are comfortable but keep in mind that morning study is more effective than another study schedule.

Study at a fixed Clean Desk

Let’s have an example, when we go to any religious place, we feel spirituality, calmness, and happiness. When we go to any mall, there is a very different vibe there, we feel more energetic there. In amusement form, we have excitement, we feel different emotions after entering different places. It means every place has its own vibe.

In this way, our study location is made for the only study but many times we study lying on the sofa, beds, etc. that makes our body more lethargic, our body shows more laziness and we have put more effort into studying. So, make sure you study at a fixed clean desk.

Clutter-Free Environment

Imagine you are studying in a room and a child comes to your room and starts crying for chocolate. You don’t want to pay attention to him, but he is grabbing your attention automatically. This causes a distraction for you. Just like this, if many unnecessary things are put in your room inorganized way, this will draw your attention, thus you will not concentrate on your topic.

So, make sure all the things in your room must be kept in an organized way. This will definitely help you to focus on study.

Take a little rest after every hour

As the sun needs a break at night, we humans also need a little break from their works. You can enhance your focus in studying after taking a break for few minutes. You will reduce your stress, improve your performance and boost your confidence by taking a little rest during the study. The break gives you freshness and makes you more productive.

If you are studying continuously without taking a rest, your study will not be going to effective. You will be only reading the book or notes but not understanding that properly. If you want to study for 15 hours a day, you should plan your day keeping little rest in your mind.

Stay away from Social Media

Today the social media has become one of the biggest enemies of students. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. are some social media platforms that are destroying the students’ futures and taking them on the wrong paths.

Although social media has many positive effects on students’ lives very few students utilize it positively. The majority of students see social media as a place of enjoyment. They do friendships with random people and chat with them for hours. They share posts, likes, and comments on other’s posts several times a day. This causes a big loss of time for students. So, if it is possible, stay away from social media platforms or use only for 30 to 40 minutes over a day. This will definitely help in increasing your study time.


These are some tips that you should do for increasing your study hours. If you genuinely follow these tips, your study hours will be automatically increased amazingly. Now, you have known how to study for 15 hours a day. I hope you will follow it.

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