How can students help their parents in lockdown?

Students are helping their parents

In this article, we will discuss how students can help their parents in lockdown.

In this practical era, in the majority of cases, there are only three people who genuinely want that you succeed in your life. These people are, first you, your mother, and your father. Apart from these people, there are also few people who want, but it is not necessarily. So, everyone should always help their parents.

Let’s discuss how students can help their parents in lockdown-

By Helping in House Hold works

The first field in which the students can help their parents in lockdown is in household works. There are a lot of works includes in household works. Usually, these works are done by our mothers or sisters. They keep working from early morning to late night and even they don’t have sufficient time for relaxation. This causes anxiety, depression, and physical and mental tiredness to them. So, as a student when you are at your home and you have enough free time, it should be your responsibility to help them as much as you can. It will feel them good and apart from that, your bonding with them will be more strong.

By Helping in Parents’ Business

As you know, the lockdown has fatally affected all the businesses whether these are small businesses or grand businesses. Today, many businesses only exist in name. They are losing their identity. They have gone into a decent loss as a result, it is not able to rise up. There are several students whose parents are business owners. Some have product-based business as shops of clothes, sweets, vehicles, etc and some have a service-based business, like digital marketing, consulting, school and colleges, etc. These are all in losses. So, in this situation, if these students will help in their parents’ business, it would be very helpful for them.

By Helping in Parents’ Job

Corona is proved to be a game-changer for everyone. It introduced work from the home culture in every field to the people of all over the world. Since every business, job pushed towards work from home culture, now, every individual can work from their houses. After holding lockdown, every serviceman got enough assignments and assessments, like for teachers, to maintain students’ records, etc. If you are able to help your parents with their assignments, it would be a very pleasurable thing for them. Also, it will reduce their mental and physical tiredness, and overall, they feel happy and more energetic.

By Buying essential Goods from the Market

Usually, buying essential accessories from the market is parents’ duty but as their child grows, it includes in their duty. As a school student, you spend most of the time in school works and when you have free time, you enjoy it. Your parents understand that you are not mature now, so they don’t say to you to go to market and buy some accessories. When you become a college student, you have grown enough to buy these accessories but you are not available every time in your home. In this lockdown period, almost every student is at their house and they have enough free time. If you buy accessories from the market, it would reduce the workload from your parent’s shoulders and they feel relax.

By Teaching Coaching Classes

As a student, you haven’t any skill except teaching by which you can make money. But usually, many students don’t have sufficient time for teaching on general days, therefore, they are not able to teach. In a lockdown, many students are at their houses and free. Their much time goes wasted on the phone or TV unwillingly. If these students start to teach the neighbors’ children by taking some rupees as a fee, it would be helpful for both students and parents. On the other hand, if you have any other skill apart from teaching, you can also do freelancing and earn rupees. In this way, you will be able to reduce the financial load of parents and make them feel good.

By Providing New Information

Usually, parents are very busy with their work, they are not able to give their time to newspapers, magazines and other information which is going on in the state, nation and even the world. They really want to know about it, but due to lack of sufficient time and workload fatigue, they compromise with it. On the other hand, during the lockdown period, there is a lot of free time for the students which they usually waste on social media. As a student, if you learn something new from social media, or get new information about what is happening in the world, and share it with your parents, it will make your parents feel proud of you. That way, your parents will be aware of that particular information and the bond between you and your parents will be much stronger.

By Creating Awareness about Exercise and Yoga

Due to the heavy workload on their shoulders, parents are unable to pay proper attention to their health. As a result, their physical and mental peace and strength decreases, and at times, they have to face terrible illness because of it. As a student, you are well aware of the importance of exercise and yoga in daily life. Therefore, it is your responsibility to create awareness about exercise and yoga for your parents. You must force them to walk, and motivate them to do the all-important exercise to increase their physical strength. Apart from this, you also force them to do meditation to make them mentally strong. If your parents will be physically and mentally strong then they will be very happy in their life.

By Serving them

We are living in such a country where we consider our parents as superheroes. We as a child, don’t feel ever that our parents also get tired. We assume they are very strong and no one can defeat them. This assumption proves to be wrong gradually as we grow. The parents are absolutely superhero for their children, but they are also a human. They can be also tired and loosed and they also feel pain. They never say to you that they are tired unless or until it can be uncontrollable for them. So, it is your responsibility to ask them about it. Today, in the lockdown period, when you have much time, you should definitely serve them. If you do all the above things, it will also be a kind of serving them.


You can assume your parents as a superhero, but along with it, you should not forget that they are a human too. They also face struggle, difficulties and instead of it, they do their best to bring up you. Not only this, they always try to provide you the best resources that they had not got in their life.
No matter, it is a lockdown period or not, it is your responsibility to help your parents as much as you can. As a student, you have got more free time due to lockdown, you should definitely help your parents on your level. It will make them happy and thus, you will be the reason behind their smile.

We expect you have come to know how students can help their parents in the lockdown periods. If you have any advice to give to my audience, you are most welcome. Share your thoughts in the comment section, we will respect your advice.

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