Does the Coursera certificate have any value?

Does the Coursera certificate have value?

In this article, I’ll discuss the value of a Coursera certificate.  Can you add it to your resume, can you share it with your LinkedIn account, and does the Coursera certificate have any value? You will get all answers here.

The first question is, does the Coursera certificate have any value?

The simple answer to this is “Yes”. Every certificate has its own value either less or much. If you have purchased any course from there and studied seriously that course, you should definitely apply for the certificate.

Many times you will have to participate in their quizzes to get their high-quality certificates. Those certificates that demand to qualify for their tests have more value. You should never miss it.

Do we often hear saying the people that whether Coursera certificate added any value to our resume? Yes, but how much value does it add to our resume? It depends on the type of course that we join. Many courses available on Coursera are for a very short period of time. They don’t add enough value to your CV in comparison to long-duration courses.

The courses that make ‘zero to hero’ have much value and the people should join such type of courses only. These types of courses take a long period of time but provide the best value and more valuable certificates that help to grow our CV.

Many students even don’t know that Coursera also provides free certificates. You can also get free paid certificates after qualifying for their exams.

Now, we are going to tell you why you should join such courses and get certificates from these organizations.

Significance of Coursera Certificate

Enhance Job Opportunities

Nowadays unemployment is increasing exponentially. Only traditional education is not enough to provide you a job. You will have to learn skills of your interested field.

If you join any course for learning new things, this step will be proved very significant for your success. Coursera offers thousands of courses that are designed by the best universities. You should join any course in your field of interest and get a certificate from them.

This certificate can’t provide you a job but it will definitely enhance the job opportunities for you and thus you will have to face less competition.

Boost Resume

The certificate is the written proof of your expertise that is very significant to get a job. The lesser your resume is, the more you have to compete with others. So, you should focus on building a good resume.

If you want to face low competition in your field, go, and join courses and take the certificate of that course. This will not only boost your resume but also increase the possibilities to get a job.

Make Confidant in any particular field

It is a fact that the more we have knowledge of any particular field, the more we will become confidant. Our resume is a treasure that should be filled with certificates and other things.

You maybe feel, when you take a certificate in your own hand, you feel more confidant at that time. You feel good when you show your certificate to others. This increases your confidence. Thus, we can say that certificates make us more confidant.

Separate you from others

Since the internet is available for all today, some students take advantage of it, others waste their time on the internet. Even many students do not aware of these certificates and their importance that create problems for them in the future.

On the other hand, some students are aware of these certificates, they join courses and get certificates. These certificates increase the weightage of their CV while other students haven’t such type of any certificates in their CV, therefore, they are pushed back by competition.

Impact on your attitude

After getting certificates, the students become more confidant and their resume expands with quality certificates. Except for it, job opportunity also increases for them. This results in their attitude. Their attitude becomes more positive.

These are some reasons for taking certificates for Coursera as well as any organization. You should always build your resume especially when you are in your 20s. This will impact directly your success.


If you think that you can get a job only with a Coursera certificate, you are not right. Dear students, these certificates can only enhance the opportunity to get a job but can’t provide you any job. You will have to apply for jobs and be eligible for that job.

Coursera courses cost vary from course to course. Many courses are available freely and anyone can enroll in those courses. If we talk about average fees then Coursera usually charges $39 to $79 per month.

It can’t say which is good and which is not good. Both of them have a specialty on their own terms. But it can be seen that many students feel comfortable on Coursera with respect to Edx.

Since Coursera is one of the best video learning platforms, it works with the best universities in the world. To manage their community, they need enough capital, therefore, Coursera charges a little bit high.

Yes, but not all of them. Many courses free and many paid. Coursera often takes exams to give free courses and free certificates to the best students.

The most popular courses that are freely available on Coursera are –

  • The Science of Well-Being by Yale University
  • Financial Markets by Yale University
  • Machine Learning by Stanford University
  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills by University of Michigan
  • English for Career Development by University of Pennsylvania
  • Covid-19 Contact Tracing by Johns Hopkins University
  • Algorithms by Princeton University
  • Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies by Universita Bocconi
  • Learn to Program: The Fundamentals by University of Toronto
  • Introduction to Philosophy by The University of Edinburgh

These free courses in a wide variety of subjects have been hand-picked by the learning team at Coursera.


Now, I hope you will get your answer to the question “Does Coursera certificate have value?” There are many authorized educational organizations that are helping the students in the best way. They always try to bring new courses for students. By this, the students do not only get high-quality courses but also get very valuable certificates.

If this article has added any value to your life, then share it with your friends and also on your social media platforms. I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thank you.

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