21 Best Witchcraft Books You Should Read in 2021

Witchcraft books recommendation

Here you will be getting acquainted with the 21 best witchcraft books that will give deep insight into witchcraft as well as the witch world.

“Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft were written by men.”

Neil Gaiman,  English author

After hearing the word witch, everyone wants to know about it. People believe that witches are full of supernatural skills and abilities. A witch is a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicts as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick. Witches usually practice magic or witchcraft to enchant someone or control people’s minds.

Witchcraft is often used for evil purposes. Very few witches practice witchcraft only for good purposes. In ancient times people considered witchcraft evil by which the witches always try to harm human beings. But, in the modern era, some may use “witchcraft” to refer to benign, positive, or neutral metaphysical practices, such as divination, meditation, or self-help techniques found in the modern pagan and new age movements.

So, if you also want to learn and practice witchcraft, you can take aid from movies, documentaries, magazines, blogs, articles, and books. Every option can teach you witchcraft well but the book is the more convenient and very reader-friendly way. There are several books on witchcraft, out of them I have mentioned the 21 best witchcraft books that are really amazing.

Let’s start-

Best Witchcraft Book Recommendations

In this article, we broke down the best Witchcraft books as follows:

  • Best Witchcraft Books for Beginners
  • Best Nonfiction Books about Witches
  • Top Books on History of Witchcraft
  • Best Witchcraft Books of All Time

Best Witchcraft Books for Beginners

Witchery by Juliet Diaz

AuthorJuliet Diaz
Rating4.8 out of 5

If you are a novice in the witchcraft world, you should start learning it from Juliet Diaz’s book, “Witchery“. There are some beautiful ideas here, that gives a good understanding of witchcraft. “Witchery” is one of the best witchcraft books for beginners by which you can learn the skills and techniques you need to build your own magical craft. The book sheds light on witchcraft religion as well as on spirituality and discloses many unknown secrets of witches that can make you surprised. If you want to be a seasoned witch, you should definitely start from here.

Waking the Witch by Pam Grossman

AuthorPam Grossman
Rating4.6 out of 5

Waking the Witch” is also a good beginner-friendly witchcraft book that gives a deep insight into the witchcraft world. Through this book, the author explores the cultural and historical impact of the world’s most magical icons and shares her views and experience about them. Moreover, she gives in-depth and thoughtful information about the witches linking with her own personal life. This makes it a more practical and realistic book and thus, the people can relate to themselves very easily. Apart from this, it is an intelligently written and thoroughly researched book.

Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics by Michael Furie

AuthorMichael Furie
Rating4.5 out of 5

Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics” is an excellent masterpiece of learning witchcraft for beginners exploring the magical theory, practice, and natural techniques that utilize spiritual forces. Through this book, the author has discussed many ways to learn witchcraft by giving practical examples. It makes it very easy to understand and adaptable. Apart from this, the author also provides lessons on manifestation work, self-awareness and meditation techniques, altered states of consciousness, and much more.

The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

Rating4.8 out of 5

If you want to learn witchcraft from a religious and spiritual perspective, “The Spiral Dance” is the best book that you need to read. Through this book, the author teaches many aspects of witchcraft like how you can deepen your sense of personal pride, how you can develop your inner power strong, and how you can integrate mind, body, and spirit, etc. It is a phenomenal read and written in a very beautiful way. The author offers reflective passages, rituals, and symbolism throughout the book making it easy to read and understand.

Best Nonfiction Books about Witches

Initiated by Amanda Yates Garcia

AuthorAmanda Yates Garcia
Rating4.7 out of 5

Initiated: The Wayward Girls’ Guide to Becoming a Witch” is one of the best works of Amanda Yates Garcia in the field of witchcraft learning. It is an autobiographical book that describes the journey of the author to achieve everything she deserved through witchcraft. At the start chapters, the author focuses a lot on the basics of witchcraft then goes in deeper gradually into it. Through this amazing book, the author shares her experience, views, and incidents about witchcraft that will be proved to be very useful for any witch.

The Penguin Book of Witches by Katherine Howe

Author Katherine Howe
Publication 2014
Rating4.6 out of 5

The Penguin Book of Witches” is the second excellent nonfiction book about witches that provides a fascinating selection of historical accounts. It is an interesting and intriguing look into a dark time in our history that reveals many secrets of the witchcraft world and properly analyses them. This is the book by which the author has made it easy to understand witchcraft for every witch through her extraordinary talent and understanding. Therefore, if you want a historical witchcraft book, take this book.

The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present by Ronald Hutton

AuthorRonald Hutton
Rating4.5 out of 5

The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present” is an engrossing journey through the world of witches and witchcraft in which you should definitely participate. It is also one of the best nonfiction books to learn about witchcraft. It offers the comprehensive and deepest possible perspective of witchcraft that is a treasure of knowledge for every witch. Filled with religious and political history, folklore, ceremonial magic, shamanism, and more, this book really an outstanding book.

Best Books on History of Witchcraft

A History of Magic, Witchcraft, and the Occult by DK

Author DK
Publication 2020
Rating4.8 out of 5

If we talk about the best books on the history of Witchcraft, “A History of Magic, Witchcraft, and the Occult” cannot be forgotten. It is really a masterpiece about witches that discovers the beguiling history of witchcraft, magic, and superstition through the centuries in this stunningly illustrated title. In this book, you will find the general history of religion as well as folklore, and mythological stories. Apart from this, it is visually appealing, intriguing to read, and an excellent educational reference to witchcraft.

The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic’ by Owen Davies

AuthorOwen Davies
Rating4.7 out of 5

The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic” is one of the greatest works by Owen Davies by which he had received grand renown in his career. It is a solid and reliable introduction to witchcraft that will teach a lot about it. Along with discussing the history of witchcraft, the author has also shed light on religion, mythology, folklore, and spirituality in this book. This attractive book presents the story of how men and women, and increasingly children and teens react to popular representations of magic.

A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics, & Pagans by Jeffrey B. Russell & Brooks Alexander

AuthorJeffrey B. Russell, Brooks Alexander
Rating4.6 out of 5

A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics, & Pagans” is a great introduction to the overall history of ancient to modern witchcraft. Through this book, you can learn about many important concepts and incidents for instance- sorcery; the roots of European witchcraft; witchcraft, heresy, and inquisition; the witch-craze on the continent of Europe; witchcraft in Britain, and America, witchcraft and Society, and much more. Like the above books, it is also a self-explanatory and good read on witches.

Witches: The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem by Rosalyn Schanzer

AuthorRosalyn Schanzer
Rating4.5 out of 5

Witches: The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem” is a great book for upper elementary and middle school students with an interest in the history of witches. It offers a beautifully combined remarkable story with historical accuracy and insight that gives deep insights into witches and witchcraft. This makes it accessible to every witch regardless of their level of expertise. It is a well-written, detailed, informative, and historical masterpiece about the witches’ world. If you are looking for the best witchcraft books for adults, this wonderful book is best for you.

Best Witchcraft Books of All Time

Inner Witch by Gabriela Herstik

AuthorGabriela Herstik
Rating4.8 out of 5

Gabriela’s creation “Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft” is an excellent guide to witchcraft. The author discovers her best self using the tools of tarot, astrology, spirituality, and crystals. She explores every aspect you need to know about being a witch with a modern take. This book is really well written and it feels like you’re talking to a very energetic, confident friend instead of reading a book. Apart from this, it tells a very interesting story about witches so, if you are really a witch story lover, you should definitely read it.

Traditional Wicca: A Seeker’s Guide by Thorn Mooney

AuthorThorn Mooney
Rating4.8 out of 5

Thorn’s “Traditional Wicca” is also one of the best books on witchcraft that explores structured, coven-based styles of Wicca, in which the practitioners typically trace initiatory lineages back to Wicca’s early founders. Wicca is nothing but a form of modern paganism, especially a tradition founded in England in the mid of 20th century and claiming its origins in pre-Christian religions. The book is coven-based, initiatory, lineage, hierarchical, and experiential. It is well written and easy o understand. So, anyone can taste it.

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

AuthorNnedi Okorafor
Rating4.7 out of 5

Nnedi Okorafor has written glorious futures and fabulous fantasies in the form of “Akata Witch“. The book deals with supernatural mysteries, thrillers, detective stories, and adult contemporary fantasy that are wonderful in themselves. You will definitely love the way the author enters this world and starts learning about it and the relationships with Sasha, Chichi, and Orlu. Since this story comes from a wonderfully creative mind, there are many imaginations within the book. I’m pretty sure you will like the book’s tone, story, design, and plot.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

AuthorElizabeth George Speare
Rating4.7 out of 5

The book “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” has a lively plot and excellent characterizations and the background has every dimension of reality which is its beauty. The book is basically designed for children in colonial American historical fiction. The story centered on a girl named Kit who is a newcomer to the United States. She faces prejudice and accusations of witchcraft a lot that makes the story sometimes emotional. Apart from this, the book has a unique story that will give you a new experience.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

AuthorDeborah Harkness
Rating4.6 out of 5

A Discovery of Witches” is one of the best witchcraft books, consisting of an interesting story in itself. The book is basically vampire thrillers or you can term it witch and wizard thrillers. It is a wonderfully imaginative grown-up fantasy book in which a young scholar and a descendant of witches, discovers a long-lost and enchanted alchemical manuscript. But when he is busy discovering, something unnatural seeks his attention. I’m pretty sure when you read this book, you will get a new experience which you have never got before.

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

AuthorRudolfo Anaya
Rating4.6 out of 5

Rudolfo Anaya’s “Bless Me, Ultima” is a teen and young adult magical realism fiction book that introduces witchcraft very well. The powerful narrative contained in the book is wonderfully composed, exquisitely voiced, and deeply moving making it more interesting. This heart and soul reaching novel is set in old New Mexico culture that will give you a new taste of a story as well as help you understand a culture now mostly lost from the high plains of New Mexico.

Enchantments: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self-Possession by Mya Spalter

AuthorMya Spalter
Rating4.6 out of 5

Enchantments: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self-Possession” is a new age mysticism story that is a wise, witchy, and welcoming guide to living life magically. The book reveals the power of colors, the keys to banishing unnatural spirits, and invaluable instructions in the timeless arts of astrology, tarot, and finding a parking spot downtown. The author has done her best to prepare an amazing creation in the form of this book, which you will definitely love.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

AuthorAlice Hoffman
Rating4.5 out of 5

Do you want to read a book on witchcraft set in a family saga? If so, “Practical Magic” is one of the best books by Alice Hoffman about witchcraft that you should read. The author has also put Metaphysical and Visionary Fiction into this book which makes it more valuable. The book tells the story of two sisters who confront the challenges of life. Witches and ghosts, spells and sleight-of-hand weave a fanciful atmosphere in Alice Hoffman’s tender comedy about clairvoyance, spells, and family ties.

Basic Witches by Jaya Saxena, Jess Zimmerman

AuthorJaya Saxena, Jess Zimmerman
Rating4.5 out of 5

Do you want to feel awesomely beautiful? Do you want to increase your positivity? “Basic Witches” is the book you need to read. This book is an excellent introduction to witchcraft that explains everything about witches like what witchcraft really is and what our favorite pop culture witches are. Apart from this, it describes the power to change how you look, the power to care for yourself, the power to care for others, the power to make choices about love and sex, the power to avoid what brings you down, etc.

Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

AuthorLily Anderson
Rating4.4 out of 5

Undead Girl Gang” by Lily Anderson is an excellent page-turner with a good story and compelling read. The book is designed in adult zombie fiction, adult humorous fiction, and adult friendship fiction. So, in a single book, you will get different fiction experiences that are pretty exciting. The language, tone, style, plot, character, everything is okay. Every character is complete in itself that makes it more engaging. This was such a good book, really amazing, you need to go into this not really knowing what’s going to happen because the connection you get to each character is great.


A witch practices magic or witchcraft for her own purposes.

Wicca is a form of modern paganism, especially a tradition established in mid-20th century England that claims its origins in pre-Christian religions.

No, witches are not only for evil purposes. Many witches practices witchcraft for good purposes.

In the modern era, some may use "witchcraft" to refer to benign, positive, or neutral metaphysical practices, such as divination, meditation, or self-help techniques found in the modern pagan and new age movements.

The other term for witches are-
sorceress, enchantress, occultist, necromancer.


These are the best books on witchcraft written by knowledgeable people. These books are well written and have the ability to explain everything about witches and also unnatural things and energies. Apart from this, the language used in these books is very easy to understand. If you seriously read these books, you will have in-depth information about witchcraft.

If you find out this article helpful, share it with your friends so that they can also get acquainted with these books. It will be also our appreciation from your side.

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