Best Exercises to Stop Negative Thinking

Best Exercises to Stop Negative Thinking

In this article, you will learn about the best exercises that help to stop negative thinking. You will also find what is the main cause of negative thinking and how can you train your brain to stop negative thinking?

So, let’s start-

Positive thinking is a word we have heard thousands of times. We often advise others to think positively. When somebody is upset or worried, we put our arm across their shoulder lovingly and ask them to think positively. It is a word we believe in and we want to live it.

But, when there is an odd situation in our own life, we fail to think positively. Negative thinking or wrong thinking comes to our minds spontaneously. We can call it obvious or natural thinking that is faced by all.

What are Negative Thoughts?

First of all, you should know that our thoughts are neutral, we consider the positive or negative by our own thinking. If we take the same side positively first, it becomes a positive thought and later, if we take it negatively then it becomes a negative thought. It totally depends upon the way of our thinking.

So, any thought which disturbs our state of mind, our level of confidence, and ultimately our potential is a negative thought. We often say, “I didn’t want to think that way but this thinking just came spontaneously.”

Negative thinking as fear or worry, blaming someone, or belittling someone, feeling jealous, comparing with someone, competing with someone, feeling hurt about what somebody says, feeling resentful about someone has a very wide spectrum.

Why do Negative thoughts come quickly to us?

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So, first of all, we need to understand what is the source of our thoughts?

Our every thought is our creation. This creation is what we are thinking. We need to know the source of our thoughts.

Information is the most important source of thoughts that creates our mind.  Information includes everything that you see, watch and read.  All the three get inside and stored in the subconscious mind and become a part of your thoughts.

For example, if we have been reading or listening for many days about an accident or that a child traveling on a bike met with an accident and died and that information fits into our subconscious mind. Suppose today evening your child does not come home on time, you don’t want to think, but you get the thoughts that he is not in any danger, nothing wrong happened with him.

Why does the mind even worry that something wrong should not have happened? Why does not think that something good must have happened, and that is why the child has not yet come back?

Because that is the raw material or information that you have fed to your mind. It is all stored in your subconscious mind that several accidents are happening in the world today.  So many people die on the spot due to accidents. Your mind has absorbed that information and create that thought naturally.

If the mind is feeling low, you prefer to listening to sad songs. you don’t want to listen to happy songs at that moment because the frequency of your minds at that time is sad and low. Therefore, only a sad song carrying low frequency feels suitable for you. You need to change your way of thinking by only changing what you are absorbing.

Exercises to Stop Negative Thinking

Let us take this as an experiment for just a week. Early morning, instead of wanting to know what is happening in the world, spend time in nature, forget about everything and ask yourself who you are. Initially, you will find it boring, but after some time, you will be addicted to it.

What is happening in the world, it’s not the first thing to be filled in the morning. The first thing in the morning should be pure powerful information that can be wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and messages of God. We need to fill the mind with the right information.

Usually, you start browsing your phones first in the morning. Should you fill the mind early morning with what is happening around us in the world? Should you fill it with whatever your friends posted last night on social media?

Absolutely “No”.

Today, the media will show us what is happening in the world. TV serials, movies, and songs also show a lot of things, and a lot is circulated on social media too. But what should you consume from them? What should you fill your minds with? It’s your choice, what do you accept.

So, let’s take one week’s experiment. For one week, you will only listen, watch, and read only what you want to become. If you follow this rule, thinking will automatically change and the right thoughts will automatically get created.


Today even humor and jokes are about ridiculing someone or belittling them. We are listening to them to pass time and laughing at them. Internally we are becoming like that and those were start becoming our words.

So, what you watch, what you read, and what you listen to, you need to take care of all information that you consume. Whether you watch a movie or serial on television, whether you are listening to a joke or reading a book, everything is getting recorded in the mind. You need to remember this is becoming the source of your thoughts and very soon it will be a part of your vocabulary.

So let’s take up a one-week emotional detox. Let’s clean our mind and soul and thereafter only consume pure information. Thus you don’t have to worry about positive thinking. Positive thinking and right thinking themselves will become a natural way of living your life.

I expect from you that you have definitely known about the best exercises that will help to stop your negative thinking. If this article added any value to your knowledge, share it on your social media platform and also share it with your friends.

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