Samratt Mishra

Samratt Mishra

Hey Readers,

 I’m Samratt Mishra (Shivam), a student. Reading books is my hobby, I have read many books on different niches. When I wanted to read the book, I used to take help from the internet in selecting the best books but there was a problem which I had to face most, ie. they listed books in their own choices. That’s why I myself had to research in finding the best books.

For that solution, I created my own blog and now I am helping you in selecting the best books on specific niches. There are many books on which I reviewed and I am continuously reviewing different books on different categories.

The main motive of our website is to provide readers who are fond of reading books easily. Here you can find books easily for your every need. Our mission is to be the first choice of our readers looking for simple and appropriate reviews of books. 

At booksbulk I do not believe in putting too much personal information in the storyline, rather we read good and well-qualified books to come up with genuine reviews.

This is a one-stop for all your book needs. We review books of every field whether it is health, non-fiction, fitness, business, IT, or entrance exams. We read and we review, we review and we read, …its a happy never-ending cycle.

Reviewing books made our happiness to be a commitment to responsibility. Each book gives you different perceptions of different fields of life.

My goal here at Booksbulk is to broaden our community, invite more conversation, share a little comfort, and build more connections.

Thanks for joining me and being here.

Take Care.