5 Major Advantages and Disadvantages of NEET-UG 2021-(New Exam Pattern)

NEET-UG Students

Here, you will be aware of the 5 major advantages and disadvantages of NEET-UG 2021 based on the new exam pattern.

After changing the NEET exam pattern, it is going on in the mind of most of the students whether they will benefit or loss from the new pattern. Let me make it very clear to you that you will only benefit from the new exam pattern. This will not cause any loss to any student.

Anyway, the exam pattern has changed, now we and you cannot do anything about this. But one thing we can do is to find positive points in the new exam pattern and try to increase our score by focusing on these points.

Now what can be the positive points in the new exam pattern, what are the benefits you can get, in this article today I will tell you those 5 positive points by adopting which you can get a good score.

Let’s start-

5 Major Advantages and Disadvantages of NEET-UG 2021-New Exam Pattern

Easy Exam Level

The first advantage will be that the level of the NEET 2021 exam will be easier than before. The question may come to your mind that how can I say this with such confidence? Since 2020, Corona has created panic in the country, so students are not able to put their maximum input in NEET preparation. In view of this situation, NTA (National Testing Agency) had kept the level of the NEET exam easy in 2020. Since the corona is still increasing which is hindering the studies of the students, so this time also the NTA will keep the exam level easy or keep it like the 2020 NEET exam.

Attempt 180 Questions over 200 Questions

Now if we talk about the second point, the second advantage is that you will be given 20 questions extra as an option which can help you to score more. Earlier there was a total of 180 questions in which all had to be attempted but now the total number of questions has been increased to 200 in which only 180 questions have to be attempted. Its advantage will be that if you have doubt in any question, you can attempt another one. It will also save you from negative marking.

Categorized Section

Talking about the third point, according to the new pattern, you will be asked 50 questions per subject out of them, you will have to attempt only 45 questions. These 50 questions are divided into two sections, Section A and Section B. You will be asked 35 questions in Section A and 15 questions in Section B. Section A questions are likely to be easy and tricky so that an average student can attempt. While the level of questions in Section B will be moderate to difficult but you will have to attempt only 10 out of 15.

The advantage of this will be that now there will be no random sequence of easy and tough questions in your exam paper as before. You will get well-organized questions from easy to difficult levels so that you will easily know how much time you should give to a particular question.

SubjectSection A (No. of Questions)Section B (No. of Questions)Total no. of QuestionAttempt Question
New Examination Pattern

Same Weightage to Botany and Zoology

Earlier, in the NEET exam paper, there was no question ratio of Botany and Zoology prescribed in the subject of Biology. There were asked 90 questions in the Biology section, out of them, a maximum number of questions were asked from Botany while lesser questions were from Zoology. Due to this Botany and Zoology couldn’t get equal weightage. But according to the new exam pattern, now both these parts of Biology will be given equal weightage. The advantage of this segregation will be that if any student is not decent in any one subject but is average in both, then he will be able to get good scores in biology.

PatternSubjectTotal No of QuestionsAttempt Question
Old PatternPhysics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany + Zoology)180 (45 + 45 + 90)180 (45 + 45 + 90)
New PatternPhysics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology200 (50 + 50 + 50 + 50)180 (45 + 45 + 45 + 45)
Difference between Old and New NEET Exam Pattern

Exam pattern is compatible with all level of Students

NTA has implemented a new exam pattern so that the students who could not prepare well due to COVID-19 or who have prepared well can come on the same level. The new exam pattern will be compatible with the students of all levels, so even an average student will be able to crack the NEET 2021 exam easily if he starts the preparation with a smart study. Smart study means that the student should already know how much time to give to which section, which questions to be revised etc.


NEET is one of the toughest exams like JEE, UPSC, NDA, AIIMS, GATE, etc in India and it must be so because it gives chance to get admission to the top medical colleges in India. It is not a child’s play to take admission in the best medical colleges but it becomes easy if one tends to focus on their preparation and rank as well in the NEET examinations. Since the exam pattern has changed and the new pattern is implemented, you need to make your strategy according to the new pattern.

I hope, you will be aware of the 5 major advantages and disadvantages of NEET-UG 2021 based on the new exam pattern. Am I right?

One last thing, if you find out this article informative and helpful, share it with your friends so that they can also be aware of it. And if you have any doubt about NEET 2021 exam pattern, let me know in the comment section, I’ll try to resolve your doubt.

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