10 Best Books for Cyclists for 2021

Best Books recommendation for Cyclists

In this article, you will be familiar with the 10 best books for cyclists that every cyclist should read. These recommended books are well researched and read-worthy, so you don’t need to look anywhere else.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

Albert Einstein

Cycling has been a very adventurous sport for many years. Many people created history in cycling by traveling thousands of miles by cycle. It sounds very easy to say but very difficult to execute still many people completed it. Cycling does not only give you adventure but also gives you the chance to meet with new people, to know about them and familiar with their cultures.

There are uncountable advantages of cycling but every person can’t take this experience. Some can be old, some can be busy, some can be physically disabled and some can be not prepared mentally, whatever the reason is, they can’t do cycling.  Let us be clear that cycling does not mean cycling for a few kilometers or a few miles, it means to do cycling as much as possible.

For those, who are disabled for cycling, reading the best books about cycling is the best way to get the real experiences of authors. If you really want to get real experiences of cycling, explore these best books for cyclists given below.

Let’s start the list of best books for cycle lovers-

List of the 10 Best Books for Cyclists

Cyclist Ride: The greatest cycling routes in the world

AuthorCyclist Magazine
Rating 4.9 out of 5

Cyclist Ride: The greatest cycling routes in the world” is one of the best books for cyclists that explores the fifty most terrifying and thrilling roads for cycling. There are several of the finest photographs of cycling that come together in this celebration of the world on two wheels. If you are a true cycle enthusiast and you are looking for tranquillity, peace, wonderful scenery, this book is best for you. In addition, it is a very motivating and inspirational book that will help you to get your goals.

The Secret Race

AuthorTyler Hamilton, Daniel Coyle
Rating 4.7 out of 5

The Secret Race” is an excellent cycling book that describes the story of a man who fights with himself for his rights, identity, and respect. It is really a very great book, with citations, spanning a decade of the most tumultuous time of cycling’s history. This book perfectly explains what should be in mind when to train themself as a cyclist and also this book shows how cycling is everything for some people. It is filled with emotions, feelings, hard-working and at last, celebrating the success that will definitely inspire you.

Bicycling with Butterflies: My 10,201-Mile Journey Following the Monarch Migration

AuthorSara Dykman
Rating 4.7 out of 5

It is very easy to say travel a few thousand miles by cycling but it is not as easy as it seems. Sara Dykman shows the inside story of her more than ten thousand miles journey by cycling through this book. This book highlighted her training, planning, and dreaming that made her trip successful. To travel to an unknown place, what should you keep in mind, the author suggested the people with this engrossing book. If you want to ride with an intention or purpose that adds meaning and value to your life, this one of the best cycling books is waiting for you.

Where There’s a Will: Hope, Grief, and Endurance in a Cycle Race Across a Continent

AuthorEmily Chappell
Rating 4.6 out of 5

Emily Chappell’s “Where There’s A Will” is one of the best books for cyclists that has a very inspiring story from her failure to success. In this book, she tells a story of her 4,000 km cycling race across Europe that had to cover in the shortest time possible. On her first attempt, she lost the race that made her very disappointed but she didn’t give up and again she participated in that race and finally won. In this book, she focused on the mistakes that she had on her first attempt so that the new participants don’t make those mistakes.

Racing Through the Dark

AuthorDavid Millar OBE
Rating4.6  out of 5

Racing Through the Dark” is one of the best books for cyclists that is a very inspiring story of David Millar, an elite professional cyclist for more than 10 years. The story is divided into three stages that is his initial stage, the doping stage, and the comeback. In the initial stage, he describes how energetic he was about his career and he won several medals in cycling. in the doping stage, he describes how he was addicted to doping and how his career started to spoilt, and in the comeback stage, he told how he built his career again after working very hard.

Magic Spanner

AuthorCarlton Kirby, Robbie Broughton
Rating 4.6 out of 5

Magic Spanner” is a great read and a very interesting viewpoint for every cyclist. Since the authors were themselves, great cyclists of their time, they describe the ins and outs of cycling. From how to start cycling to how to win the race, everything is explained very brilliantly. So, if you follow the author’s tips, you will understand almost everything about cycling, and most importantly, you will quit giving up. The language of it is very simple and easy to understand which is its beauty.

The Man Who Cycled the World

AuthorMark Beaumont
Rating 4.6 out of 5

The Man Who Cycled The World” is the story of a man who has a great vision of creating history. Mark Beaumont who himself is the author of this book is a man who decided to cycle as long as he could. On his journey, he pedaled more than 18,000 miles by cycle and created many records. Through this book, Mark described the challenges and difficulties he had to face on the trip and how he faced all of them with his never-giving-up attitude. Truly, it is one of the best books for cycle lovers.

The Rider

AuthorTim Krabbé
Rating 4.6 out of 5

Tim Krabbé’s “The Rider” is one of the best books about biking, road racing, and the cyclist who love their sport. This story is told as the narrative of a race from start to finish, with lots of detail. What is going on in the racer’s mind at every moment, the author highlighted all possible answers with examples. The book has many illustrations that eventually made it a very engaging and relating book for all cyclists and even non-cyclists people. After reading it, you will get the real experience of cycling without cycling.

The Divide: A 2700 Mile Search For Answers

AuthorNathan Doneen
Rating4.6  out of 5

The Divide: A 2700 Mile Search For Answers” is an excellent cycling book that has a story of a very adventurous man who traveled more than 2700 miles in search of some questions about his life. The underlying theme of this book is the search for identity and one’s place in this world. So, if we dive into this story, it seems that it is about a philosophical adventure journey by the author.  As the author was a great admirer of nature, he presented the beauty of nature in a very spectacular way through this book. The author uses heart-touchable language that makes it more captivating and engaging.

Tomorrow, we ride

AuthorJean Bobet 
Rating 4.5 out of 5

Tomorrow, We Ride” is a good book for cycle enthusiasts that has a story about great champions filled with emotions and feelings about cycling. Through this book, the author shares the memory of their time when he used to participate in cycle racing with his brother. He describes how they used to practice to win from each other and how they used to enjoy with each other. In a nutshell, it is a great book for anyone who is interested in the history of the sport and some of its legendary characters, especially during the 1950s.


There is no doubt that cycling is one of the best exercises for our fitness. In cycling, you have to move the major part of your body by which you get flexibility and strongness. So, we can definitely say that cycling he good for our health.

Long socks have many advantages, especially for cyclists. These socks are usually made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester that have a number of benefits over their natural fiber counterparts. These socks pressurize their leg to perform more efficiently which results in the speed of the cycle increases.

Generally, socks are made of cotton, short in shape, and light whereas the cycling socks are made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, long in shape and a little bit heavier than common socks.

Heavyweight has become a problem for many people. Due to it, the people aren’t able to perform well in their regular work and it causes anxiety, depression into them. Cycling can be one of the best alternatives for those who want to lose weight seriously. It burns people’s calories and gives them good shape.

Cycling is one of the best methods for stretching the legs. Since stretching helps a lot to add few inches to our bodies, thus we can say that cycling helps to increase our height.

Professional cyclists undoubtedly make a lot of money from cycling. There are many sports organizer who organizes cycling sport and gives prizes and a good amount of cash to the winner cyclist.


Cycling is one of the best exercises to maintain our fitness and ultimately our health. It not only gives health but also gives an ideal shape to the body by which our physical appearance looks good. Moreover, cycling is such a kind of sport that is full of adventure and enjoyment. You must do cycling and get the experience of it.

These are the best books for cyclists which are the best for every cyclist. If you read these books, you will get the opportunity to experience the adventure of the cycle journey of all authors. These books are filled with adventurous stories that will definitely inspire you to cycle as soon as possible. Apart from this, these books will motivate and inspire you to do hard work and fulfill your goal.

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